Roaches are the last thing you should be concerned about in your vehicle. Unfortunately, once these unpleasant creatures have settled in, what began as a little issue can quickly become a major one. If you’re asking yourself “Why Are Roaches In My Car At Night?” Well, our cockroach exterminator specialists will explain to you how and show you how to permanently get rid of roaches in automobile interiors in just a few simple steps.


Are you ready to stop riding shotgun with bugs and make it stick?

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The Issue: How Do Roaches Get Into Your Car?

Let’s be clear about something. Cockroaches make the worst travelers. They stink, pee everywhere, and carry bacteria that might make you and your passengers very sick.


While few of us would willingly invite roaches into our cars, the fact is that they rarely end up there without some type of human assistance.


Roaches infest our goods and hitchhike inside them. They can hide in almost anything we buy, borrow, carry, or wear, including eggs.


Shopping bags, for example, can easily become an entry site. If you get an infested grocery bag, you could be in for a horrifying, long-lasting surprise.


These insects can also be discovered in suitcases, yard sale boxes, handbags and backpacks, laundry, and other areas that are moved in your car. They’ll stay for the cereal your kids hid under the seat, the hamburger wrapper you thought you threw away, and other forgotten treats.


Roaches will happily settle in for the long term and begin spawning immediately, as they require very little to survive and enjoy your crumbs.

How to Remove Roaches from Car Interiors Using the “Special Ops” Method

When it comes to getting rid of roaches, it’s crucial to remember that they’re highly good at what they do, and they don’t go down without a fight. For automobile roaches, this means abandoning the idea of quick or easy remedies (we’re looking at you, worthless roach bombs) in favor of a focused, tactical (what we term) Special Ops strategy.


A Special Ops method kills roaches in a variety of ways. It takes a little more effort at first, and yes—a little more time, but it kills roaches more completely and for a much longer period. The first critical stage in Special Ops is locating the cockroaches in your vehicle.

Special Ops 1. Identifying Roaches’ Habitats to Get Roaches Out of Your Car

Finding the repulsive cockroach lairs in your car does more than toughen up your character. It indicates where you want to carry the fight.


The best way to start this little task is with an exercise known among exterminators as “thinking like a roach.”

Thinking Like a Roach

“Boy, I’m hungry” is roach thinking in a car. Where are the crumbs?


If you think like a roach, you’ll start under the seats, where crumbs, straw wrappers, empty water bottles, and lost coins land. You wouldn’t believe how much “food” collects down there, making it ideal for a cockroach nest.


The floor mats are the next destination. Carpet stains and crumbs are frequently only half the story. Check underneath for German roaches or roach eggs. These bugs and their eggs are flat and small, making them ideal for life underfoot.


The trunk is cockroach-friendly. You may even have a spare tire compartment or storage space under the trunk floor.


Finally, roach thinking should lead you to tire-changing tool compartments, door pockets, the glove box, air conditioning vents, and that fast-food bag-turned-garbage-receptacle between the seats. After you’ve looted the roaches’ possible hiding places, it’s time to target those areas in two steps—

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Car by Hitting Target Areas Hard

The next step in Special Ops is to use what you’ve learned about your little enemy’s comfortable lifestyle against them by taking away everything they enjoy about your car and then killing them where they live.

Step 1: Make Your Car a Bad Place for Roaches

While nothing like a roach-infested car can inspire murderous thoughts, it’s not quite time to destroy the little buggers.


First, clean and empty your automobile, removing anything and everything that could potentially serve as a food source for a bug.


Remove the carpets, open the compartments, and slide the chairs out of the way if you haven’t previously. Then, using the greatest vacuum cleaner you can find, vacuum your car—every corner, cranny, crack, and crevice.


If you don’t have a portable vacuum, go to a car wash. For a few quarters, most have powerful vacuums. The vacuum is essential because it will suck up even the smallest crumbs from carpet fibers and allow you to reach into tight regions that your hand would not be able to reach.


Then, get rid of anything you don’t need.


Sure, you’re not alone if your automobile looks a little like a closet. However, the congestion makes it simple for cockroaches to hide and reproduce. Empty your car of clothes, food containers, shopping bags, and whatever else inevitably accumulates, builds up, and takes over.

  • Tip: If you transport equipment, building supplies, or goods such as mulch, firewood, and recyclables in a van, truck, or SUV, you are at greater risk of roach infestation. If your vehicle transports outdoor products, be extra cautious and clean it as regularly as possible.

Step 2: Killing Roaches in Car Interiors Without the Useless Bomb

We said not to use bug bombs in cars, so we’ll explain why.


These explosives can stain and discolor upholstery and headliner, leaving your car roach-infested and worse than before. A massive jet of fog may appear to reach every corner, but it doesn’t always or in a fatal amount. The automobile now has deeper-set roaches.

Gel bait is a superior way to kill automobile bugs. Gel bait is a stealthily hidden weapon applied near the problem areas you previously vacuumed. And it acts in two intriguing ways.


It attracts roaches, then kills them. As colonists eat their dead, the illness spreads. A few drops of high-quality cockroach bait will kill most roaches in a car in a few days.


For a severe infestation, apply an insect growth regulator (IGR), which kills any cockroach nymphs that survive baiting and encourages the colony to eat more bait. Combining IGR with bait can remove even the worst car cockroach infestation in a single generation.

The Natural Alternative: How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in a Car

If you’re afraid to start putting chemicals under your seats, you’ll be relieved to know that there are a handful of excellent natural cockroach removal methods.


Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an effective cockroach killer that is almost non-toxic. Spread a thin layer on carpets and behind seats. When cockroaches walk across it, they die—they don’t even have to consume it!

Another natural powder that kills roaches is borax. Boric acid, which is derived from the same mineral, also works! Roaches must eat this one, so mix it with some peanut butter to make it delicious, put some bottle caps with the combination, and hide them deep beneath your chairs.

What Will Happen If My Pets Eat This?

Fortunately, the products we recommend aren’t nearly as dangerous to pets as they are to roaches. The majority of the chemicals in gel baits are food-based, IGR formulae are not harmful to pets, and when borax and diatomaceous earth are used in the little amounts indicated, they should not harm.


That being said, please take care to restrict the amount of product you use and keep it out of reach of pets and children.

Tips to Prevent Cockroaches in Your Car

Close the windows

Yes, cockroaches are hitchhikers, but some, such as wood roaches, are also small explorers. Many of them can scale steep terrain. Some can even fly. Close car doors and windows to keep them out. If possible, avoid parking near wooded areas and use caution at the local dump.

You can’t avoid transporting baggage, boxes, and the occasional bag of mulch in your car, but you can be proactive by inspecting the trunk after you’ve dropped everything off.

Has your automobile been washed and vacuumed?


Roaches In My Car At Night

Maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle! Take ten minutes every few weeks to remove the mats, vacuum the carpets, and dispose of any debris that has accumulated. To end, load a bag with everything you’ve “been meaning to” bring into the house and bring it into the house (of course, checking everything for roaches first).

They Must Be Starved

Do you want to break the heart of a cockroach? Avoid eating in the car and request that others refrain from doing so as well. Roaches will have nothing to eat unless food crumbs start falling from the sky.


Our cars, for whatever reason, do not often receive the same level of maintenance as our residences. Cars, however, are still vulnerable to roach infestations, and preserving them is equally crucial.


It’s time to get to work now that you know how to eliminate roaches in automobile interiors. Let’s get started! To get immediate assistance on cockroach infestations or any other pest contact our pest control Glen Park company at (317) 943-4008 now! Additionally, visit our domain to find out How To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Home and more.

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