An unpaved trail winds through the Jurgensen Woods woodlands, providing visitors with access to and enjoyment of the Jurgensen Woods Nature Preserve. Picnic shelters are available among the open spaces on the property, and parking is available.

Please keep in mind that there is no paved access to the Thorn Creek Trail System from the Jurgensen Woods Nature Preserve parking lot. While the trail runs through this preserve, consider parking at the adjacent Sweet Woods Forest Preserve if you want to access the paved trails.

The Thorn Creek trail system connects several forest preserves and includes more than 20 miles of paved and stone trails. These trails meander past lakes and wetlands and through wooded areas teeming with birds and wildlife. You should visit North Creek Woods also. You can also contact Whistler to control pests at your place situated in Munster, Indiana. You can contact them at (317)943-4008.

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