get rid of roaches on our ownSecrets To Getting Rid of Your Roaches Without Hiring An Exterminator

If you have a cockroach problem in your home chances are you want them gone immediately and as safe as possible without an exterminator. Having a roach infestation in your home can be a very embarrassing thing. When I had a roach problem in my home it made me feel like going into my kitchen and climbing into the oven. With that feeling you may not want anyone to know that you have a roach problem. A lot of exterminators out there have large vans and trucks with pictures of bugs on the side. Having these companies’ vans parked outside of your home or apartment can be a loud siren to your neighbors, screaming that you have a cockroach problem. There are a few pest control companies that offer unmarked vehicles that can show up to rid your home of rodents, roaches, bed bugs, ants, etc.. This will allow you to avoid a lot of undue humiliation for a problem that a lot of people are having. I personally have small children at home and calling someone that will show up in a marked van just to spray harmful chemicals is not ideal for me. There are several different types of roaches that exist. These roaches are named based on how they look, their tendencies or the region of the world where they are prevalent. A few roach types are the following: oriental, ectobius, Florida woods, German, Dubia and more. It doesn’t matter what type you have because the remedies shared here will naturally eliminate any type of cockroach. This article provides a list of natural substances that will allow you to get rid of this problem for good. Here are five steps on how to get rid of roaches naturally, for good. This is a fast way to get rid of roaches overnight whether you live in a house or apartment. This works for every area of the house including your kitchen, bathroom and basement.

Step 1 – Attacking the roach’s exoskeleton with Diatomaceous earth (DE) to begin killing process

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is in powder form. It comes in two forms, however “food grade” is what you want. People have been known to use it for get rid of roaches quickly  with boraxtoothpaste and facial care supplements but it is not to be inhaled. It can be harmful to your lungs.

This natural powder is a great way to kill cockroaches. When a roach crawls through DE powder it sticks to their exoskeleton. This gradually kills the roach through dehydration. The powder is known to be a ground up shell. So, even when it is grounded to a fine powder, those particles are pretty sharp. This allows the particles to stick to the outer shell and hitch a ride. Due to the sharpness of the particles, once they are attached they work their way inward to the roach’s core. Once the exoskeleton is compromised and the powder gets inside it dehydrates the roach and kills it. The powder is also carried back to the nest where it can affect the roaches at their source.

Applying the Solution

Applying DE is simple. In your home or apartment identify all areas suspected of critter activity. In the affected area, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom; simply sprinkle the powder in a suspected traffic area for the cockroaches. The powder is not effective when wet so if moisture gets to it, wipe it away and reapply.

Step 2 – Using Borax to Get Rid of Roaches Quickly

Borax has been officially classified as an insecticide since the late 1940’s. It is considered a very safe alternative to chemically formulated insecticides.  This is mainly because it poses little danger to humans and animals. You can easily find it at many retail stores. It is very cost effective and most importantly it kills roaches. There are two ways to use borax.


Applying the Solution

Start by applying the Borax as a powder around the house. In the affected area, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom; simply sprinkle the powder in a suspected traffic area for the cockroaches. You should put down a thin layer around appliances and up against the walls, especially where there are gaps and holes. Brush the powder so it forms a light coating. 

Making a Paste

stop roaches without pest control company with borax powder

Similar to DE Borax comes as a powdered substance. However, unlike DE adding water to Borax does not weaken or neutralize it at all. This property

allows you to make a paste using equal parts of borax, sugar, and water, and form this mixture into tiny balls. Roaches like the sugar and will eat the paste. Also like DE, Borax dehydrates the roaches so that they will die.


The roaches will also track the powder into their nests and the other roaches, especially the babies, will also eat it and die.

Step 3 – Boric Acid to Help Get Rid of Cockroaches w/o an Exterminator

Boric acid is the refined and purified version of Borax. Just like Borax, Boric acid is a natural killer of cockroaches that must be ingested. However, unlike Borax, Boric acid is more finely ground, making it easier for roaches to eat, and as a result it is more deadly. 



Applying the Solution

Once again you want to start by applying Boric acid as a powder around the home or apartment. In the affected area, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom; simply sprinkle the powder in a suspected traffic area for the cockroaches. You should put down a thin layer around appliances and up against the walls, especially where there are gaps and holes. Brush the powder so it forms a light coating.

Step 4 – Baking Soda to Stop German Roaches w/o Hiring Pest Control Professional

Another way to naturally rid your home of roaches for good is by using something that is likely already in your pantry — baking soda. Although baking soda is harmless to humans and animals and can help with gas or stomach aches, it poisons the cockroaches when they eat it. They will not die immediately, but it doesn’t begin to work immediately. You will want to give this remedy a little time to work.  You won’t see an instant reduction in numbers with this substance, but you will eventually see a significant reduction. The roaches track the paste back to their nest and they are slowly killed.

Creating a Paste

Create a paste with the baking soda by adding equal parts sugar and water, and rub it in the kitchen cupboards, around appliances, and anywhere else you’ve seen cockroaches. You might need to no more roaches german or italian or american apply the paste several times to get rid of all the cockroaches.


Step 5 – Preventing Roaches From Returning Forever, Fingers Crossed

A lot of these solutions are addressing the issue at the source.  You’re being instructed to apply these substances in the areas where cockroach activity is suspected or determined. However, while you’re killing the pests inside, you also need to think about keeping out any future infestations. Check for any holes where roaches could come through in the walls,cracks or doors of your home or apartment. If you spot any gaps, seal them. You can generally use caulking to seal the holes. Caulking removes the additional paths that lead into your home and makes it a lot harder for these critters to make another push to invade your home.    


Also, there can be filth or remnants of things that may attract roaches left in your carpet.  You will need to thoroughly vacuum your space to ensure that the carpet is clean as possible. Once you have vacuumed your carpets, clean out the vacuum or change the vacuum bag to get rid of any cockroach eggs that may have been left behind to prevent their return.  You can also go a step further by shampooing the carpet or having it steam cleaned to make sure that there is nothing left that may respawn into another infestation. 

We hope this article was helpful to you.  If you go through these steps and it doesn’t seem to be working, it is always a good idea to call a roach exterminating professional, Whistler Pest Control.

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