If you own a home, gopher trapping is something you should learn more about. When you have a gopher problem, not knowing who to call might be a huge disadvantage. It’s difficult to get gopher extermination services because of this. People who take the time to learn why gophers are so destructive to a property are more likely to call a professional to deal with the problem right away. An expert contractor has the knowledge and abilities to solve the problem quickly and effectively. They can take care of the problem and make a person’s yard seem fantastic once more.



Gophers are little burrowing rodents found throughout North and Central America. In their mouths, these critters have cheek pouches where they can store nuts and other plants. Gophers, unlike other rodents, do not hibernate during the winter, meaning they are active all year. Gophers live in burrows in the earth that are made up of a network of tunnels. These tunnels can be used to store food or transport people from one location to another.
The enormous mound of soil that stands above the tunnel identifies a gopher burrow. You may have a gopher problem if you come across one of these holes on your property. If you do, it’s time to contact the professionals at Whistler Pest Control to have the job done right. Our licenced wildlife management specialists have the tools, experience, and abilities necessary to effectively control or remove gophers from your property. We appreciate the lives of all animals, large and little, at Whistler Pest Control. As a result, we only use humane capturing and removal methods. If you have a gopher problem on your property, now is the time to take action. Whistler Pest Management has a team of experts and specialists who can undertake gopher removal and control in a humane and efficient manner.
Our gopher management and gopher removal services will help you reclaim your peace of mind and your yard. We are convinced that our experts at Whistler Pest Control have what it takes to provide a solution that is right for you, your family, and your home. Call Whistler Pest Control right now because gopher tunnels can be up to 6 feet deep!

Gopher control

Gophers are burrowing rodents that can be found all over North America. They are well-known for their capacity to dig subterranean tunnels and nests while gnawing on the roots of crops and plants. A single gopher can dig dozens of tunnels around your building, weakening the soil, loosening trees and other vegetation, and causing damage to the façade of commercial buildings.
Because gophers are so common in North America, Whistler Pest Control has become a gopher removal expert who can help you avoid business harm.

What do gophers look like?

Gophers are sometimes confused with moles, voles, and other underground species. Gophers are grey or brown in colour, and their fur usually matches the soil they reside in. Even when their jaws are closed, they have exceptionally massive teeth that are usually visible.
Gophers can reach a length of 6 to 8 inches. They have a 1 to 2 inch long hairy tail and small, black eyes.
The fact that gophers have enormous cheek pouches distinguishes them from other rodents. These are frequently overflowing with food and can be quite full and swollen. From the jawline to the shoulders, these pouches run the length of the gopher’s head. Fur is used to line the pouches, and they can be turned inside out. Gophers take food to their nests where it is stored in pouches.

Gopher tunnels and mounds

You may not see a gopher emerge from its hole to know you have one on your property. Most likely, you’ll come across gopher mounds.
Gophers dig tunnels to protect themselves from predators. They have the ability to construct large tunnel networks with chambers for nesting, raising their young, and storing food. All of that dirt has to go somewhere, so they push it out one of the holes near the entrance as they dig their tunnels. This frequently results in a gopher mound, which is shaped like a horseshoe.
The gopher builds multiple branches from the primary tunnel entrance, which is usually only a few feet long. Some of them cross the tunnel laterally, but there are many more that continue deeper. The system is frequently plugged with soil at the end to make it less visible to predators.

What do gophers eat?

Plants are preferred by gophers. Given that they reside underground, roots are one of their preferred foods. Roots from trees, bushes, flowers, grass, and other plants can be used. In and around your landscaping vegetation or around the foot of trees, you’ll frequently notice gopher mounds or the telltale crumbly dirt indicating gopher tunnels.
Gophers are cunning creatures. Gophers have been known to eat the roots of smaller trees without being noticed until the tree, now rootless, falls over or is readily pulled out of the ground.


Pocket gophers are little animals that weigh approximately half a pound and measure around 7 inches in length. They are generally brown in colour, with small, beady eyes, tails, and protruding incisors, as well as other rodent traits. Gophers also have curved claws that they use to dig large tunnel networks, and cheek pouches that they utilise to store food.


Gophers rarely leave their burrows in search of food, though they do come out to eat plant bulbs, nuts, and fruits on occasion. Roots and bits of plants that are accessible from underground are preferred by the rodents, who favour crops like beets, turnips, and carrots.


Pocket gophers can dwell in almost any soft, readily excavated soil, and there are species in every region of North America. Gopher populations thrive in even the coldest parts of the year, as they adapt and burrow through the snow. Above earth, gophers are rarely seen. When they are seen outside their tunnels, they are usually looking for food or digging new paths. They rarely go beyond a few feet from the nearest tunnel entrance.



People should not expect to see gophers inside buildings, but they may find a home on lawns with the right texture of ground. They are attracted to loose, often wet soil, but pests are repelled by hardened, thick clay-like soil. Infestations are frequently discovered when property owners come across gopher mounds left over from digging, which usually have an unique crescent form. These mounds are roughly 10 inches across and are plugged to keep intruders out.


With their burrowing and eating habits, gophers cause harm to lawns and gardens. Rodents can render both large-scale irrigation and tiny sprinkler systems ineffective. Some gopher species are also disliked for their willingness to eat the roots of conifer seedlings and saplings, killing them.


Underground fencing can be used to protect shrubs or trees of particular interest from gophers. This technique of control, however, is costly. Habitat alterations that remove viable shelters, food, and water supplies are more cost-effective.


Trapping involves time and money, and if not done correctly, can lead to failure. Any current gopher problems should be addressed by Whistler Pest Control gopher removal professionals. Before we finish, we do a thorough inspection of the property to guarantee that all current gophers have been eradicated. Whistler Pest Control professionals ensure that pest problems are handled with the utmost care.

Gopher Exterminator Costs

You’re probably interested in learning more about gopher removal costs right immediately. When you contact a firm that provides gopher control services in Indianapolis, IN, you’ll be placed in touch with an expert who knows how to get rid of the problem. You’ll come to rely on the gopher trapping service quite a bit in the future. It’s not something you want to overlook and let the infestation become worse. Gophers can inflict major damage to your home and property by the time you get it fixed. Ensure that annoying pests do not harm your yard to improve your curb appeal.


When you call Whistler Pest Control, you may speak with a service representative at any time, and there is no need to wait for a recording. If you find a living or dead animal in your home, we can help you right away.