Mites are ticks’ tiny, often microscopic relatives. Few are pests. Most are necessary soil residents and predators of other mites, insects, and invertebrates. Contact a local pest control near me or us a (317) 943-4008 or continue reading to learn about the Common Mites In The Home. Here is a handful that may cause issues at home.

Dust MiteCommon Mites In The Home

House dust mites are really little. They thrive in humid environments and grow in mattresses and linens, where they feed on minute flakes of skin shed by humans and dogs. They are frequently too dry for air ducts. Some people’s asthma can be aggravated by their airborne feces and shed exoskeletons. Dehumidifiers can make a space less inviting to dust mites, as can using a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Clean often and thoroughly.

Mites on birds

Bird mites are typically associated with birds and their nests, but once the nests have been vacated, they can come indoors in huge numbers and begin attacking people and pets. Simply remove abandoned bird nests and take precautions to keep birds from nesting on the outside of your property and within your chimney (Chimney Swifts).

Clover Mite

Clover mites do not bite, but they can be bothersome in the spring and fall as they migrate from lawns in search of higher temperatures and humidity. They stay away from hot, dry weather in the spring and cold, dry weather in the autumn. In addition, too much nitrogen fertilizer in your grass may encourage them to scatter. Allow no live plants, including grass, to come into contact with the exterior of your property to prevent mites from entering.

Mites of tropical rats

Because the Tropical Rat Mite is a rodent parasite, it is a concern in restaurants, warehouses, workplaces, and homes that have rat infestations or have recently had rodent troubles. The mites then look for new hosts, including humans. These 1-millimeter spider bites are uncomfortable and can cause itching, inflammation, and dermatitis. To reduce the possibility of a Tropical Rat Mite infestation, exclude and control rats.

Habits and Biology

House dust mites require precise environmental conditions to develop. The mites are particularly prevalent in warm, humid environments. The ideal temperature and relative humidity for growth and development are 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit and 70-80 percent relative humidity. House dust mites absorb and shed moisture through their skin, making them extremely thirsty. As a result, humidity levels in the home have a substantial impact on survival. Dust mites cannot thrive at relative humidity levels below 50%. Although mite populations are typically low in dry areas, most homes in the United States can support dust mites. House dust mites and their allergenic particles are prevalent in homes all year, although people experience fewer symptoms in the summer, possibly because they spend more time outside.Common Mites In The Home

Mite Bites Treatment

Avoid scratching the itch and contact a spider mite extermination company if you are attacked by birds or Spider mites. Scratching can cause secondary infection, which can be far worse than the bites. Contact us at (317) 943-4008 for more mite assistance, and ask your healthcare practitioner Do Dust Mites Bite Humans and other questions.

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