Circle Centre Mall is an indoor retail mall in Indianapolis, IN, and also a shelter for our Whistler pest control firm. Circle Centre Mall, which combines existing downtown facilities such as the former L. S. Ayres flagship store, opened to the public on September 8, 1995. The mall is anchored by Regal Cinemas and The Indianapolis Star’s offices. Carson Pirie Scott’s former anchor position is now vacant.


The mall has 99 stores spread across four levels with a gross leasable space of 729,981 square feet. When it was first proposed in the 1980s, it was meant to house the existing Ayres and William H. Block department stores, as well as one or two new to the city. Both the Ayres and Block stores had left before the mall could open, leaving Nordstrom and Parisian (later converted to Carson’s) as anchors.


A food court is located on the third level. The fourth level houses non-retail tenants as well as entertainment venues (Tilt Studio and a nine-screen United Artists movie theater).


The mall’s construction cost $307.5 million. Historic aspects were included in the design, such as the retention of the facades of previously existing structures on the site.


The mall is now devoid of department shops, following the closing of Nordstrom in 2011 and Carson’s on April 29, 2018. In response to shifting retail conditions, the mall has sought out non-traditional mall uses; for example, in 2014, The Indianapolis Star relocated its offices into a portion of the space vacated by Nordstrom.

Layout and Location

Circle Centre is located about two square blocks south of Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. It is surrounded on the north by Washington Street, on the east by Meridian Street, on the south by Georgia Street, and on the west by Illinois Street. Maryland Street separates the north and south blocks.


The mall is 7.2 acres, with a 2.0-acre parking facility connected by a sky bridge. It is supported by two subterranean parking facilities. The mall has 960,000 square feet of area, 793,700 of which are leasable.


Circle Center was designed in the shape of a “dumbbell,” with two anchor stores at either end connected by a skylighted spine lined with stores. Maryland Street divides the ground level, while a broad sky bridge connects the second, third, and fourth levels. The anchors and a handful of eateries on the first level have direct street access. The fourth level has the movie theater and other entertainment venues, but no stores.


The mall is linked to the Indianapolis skywalk network on the south, west, and northwest sides, providing direct access to the Indiana Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium, and twelve hotels. The northwest connection leads to the suspended Artsgarden at the intersection of Illinois and Washington streets.


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